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Our Mission


The Patriots for Florida Club's mission is to support & encourage the agendas of our 46th Governor of the Great State of Florida, Ron DeSantis, as well as Our 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump by providing high-quality educational events & programs for its membership.

Our Founders

JoAnn & Tom were the Chairmen for the 2016 Collier County Donald J TRUMP for President Campaign.  With the successful & unprecedented win in 2016, they decided to keep the momentum going by creating the Patriots for Trump Club, Inc.

Through their hard work & commitment, Collier County was the #1 County in the State of Florida as a percentage for get out the vote in the Florida Primary. JoAnn & Tom built a network of loyal Trump volunteers over the 15 months of 2016 campaign. After the unprecedented victory in 2016, JoAnn & Tom went on to become Ron DeSantis’ Collier County Representatives during his run for Governor in 2018. The loyal volunteers that JoAnn & Tom recruited are still loyal to the Republican cause and come out to support any Ron DeSantis & Donald Trump events they sponsor.

American Flag on Pole
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